Best WordPress Podcast Themes for Podcasters


Since the COVID-19 situation, more than 55% of US adults are already involved in creating or listening to podcasts. People can learn new information, stay current on news and trends, and connect with like-minded others through podcasts. Investing in a site can be a terrific idea if you’re considering how to advertise your podcast. WordPress is a powerful tool for building an effective and expert website.


If you’re a podcast presenter or producer, you probably have a lot on your plate, making creating your own WordPress website seem like a big endeavor. With the correct WordPress podcasting theme, however, you can easily create your website and share your episodes, seasons, host biographies, and any other content you want to provide your visitors and fans.



You can increase the number of podcast downloads and listeners by creating a website and using a WordPress podcast theme. We have picked out the best WordPress themes available right now for podcasters. So let’s have a go-through on this!



What things do you need to start a podcast website?


When you are ready to be a podcaster, the first thing you should have is a podcast website. Once you are aware of the benefits of having a website for your podcast, it is time to comprehend the fundamental components needed to create one with WordPress:


Service Host

Web hosting is a service that offers storage space on a server for the information and files on your website. To handle your audio files and episode plays, be sure to opt for a dependable solution with adequate capacity. We guarantee 99.9% uptime, and a number of our services include unlimited bandwidth.

Domain name and address

Make sure the name is distinctive and simple to spell since it will be used as your website’s address. Use your podcast name, as both Office Ladies and This American Life have done. Once you’ve made your decision, you may buy a domain name from most web host companies or domain registrars.


WordPress Podcast Theme

Pick a WordPress theme that has the aesthetic and functional elements a podcast website needs, like a responsive design and an audio player. If you intend to sell goods, don’t forget to look for connectors with eCommerce technologies.


Top 10 WordPress Podcast Themes for Podcasters

We’ve listed the best 10 WordPress themes for podcasters, either new or experienced. You’ll also get to know the key features and pricing they are offering.

1. Tusant

Tusant was created especially for podcasting websites. It enables users to publish an infinite number of podcasts, vlogs, and episodes. To fit your brand, you may also change the fonts and the entire color palette. For individuals who prefer to utilize a website-builder plugin to customize their site, Tusant has connectivity with Elementor.


Tusant provides a variety of layouts for displaying the player, including a masonry grid, a one-column list, an even-numbered grid display, and a carousel. Any page or post on the website can have an audio player, and listeners can access it from any browser or device.


Additionally, this WordPress theme for podcasts has an easy-to-use one-click installer and importable demo content. The plan from Tusant includes thorough documentation as well as a full year of upgrades and support.


Key features—

  • Podcast network support
  • Compatible audio player
  • Connected with Elementor
  • Able to embed files from Libsyn, SoundCloud, MixCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.



Pricing starts at $69.


2. Divi

A well-liked WordPress theme for any kind of website, Divi. The website template for podcasters, vloggers, and videographers is already included.


You can rapidly launch your podcast website by replacing the example content with your own thanks to a fullscreen layout and pre-made custom pages. Additionally, you receive the Divi Builder, which includes tools for simple customization.


There are numerous theme choices available for Divi. This makes tasks like uploading a unique logo for your podcast website simple.


Key features—

  • On your landing page, group several episodes of the podcast together on one block.
  • Show audio previews for the most recent episodes of your podcast right on the home page.
  • A sticky audio player for listeners.
  • Upload several shows as well as videos and music content.



A free version is available.


3. Astra

Astra is a versatile WordPress theme with a ton of templates. Additionally, it is one of the lightest themes, enabling you to speed up your WordPress site and raise its rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs). The template also has a specific Episodes page where you may list every episode of your podcast. The most recent episode is shown at the top in a neat grid layout.


We suggest taking a look at Creative Podcaster, one of its eight themes for music and podcast websites. It has a simple layout that effectively employs white space. Additionally, it includes a pre-made subscription widget for websites like Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts. Astra has integrated WooCommerce integration, allowing you to leverage online shop features to sell goods or provide paid memberships.


Key features—

  • Well known, downloaded 2000+ times.
  • Good quality developer
  • Multiple template option
  • Has WooCommerce support



It has a free version available.


4. SeedProd

The most well-known WordPress theme builder available is called SeedProd. With drag-and-drop capabilities, you may create a unique theme for your podcast or video website.


With SeedProd, you can get dozens of pre-made theme layouts. Without writing any code, it is simple to import a template and modify it using the SeedProd builder. WordPress block themes are also fully supported by SeedProd. This implies that you can utilize SeedProd to customize your podcast website and choose any theme.


Additionally, SeedProd offers thousands of landing page templates for you to use in your podcast promotion. With the help of built-in options and page designs, you can construct a landing page in a matter of clicks.


Key features—

  • Ready-made theme layouts
  • Built-in page style options
  • Responsive for mobile or tablet devices
  • No builder code is needed



Free version available.


5. Podcast

The WordPress podcast theme was created with podcast sites in mind, but it can also be used by radio hosts, YouTubers, and live streamers. Having said that, Podcast is a user-friendly theme. To help you quickly launch the website, its built-in parts eliminate the need to manually add simple items.


Seven pre-installed color schemes in Podcast provide the website a unified appearance. You can modify the theme by adding unique CSS code if none of the color schemes work for your business. The homepage features all the necessary components of a podcasting page, such as a section for the most recent episodes and a compact space where a subscriber bar can be added. The option to display three featured pages’ thumbnails and titles at the bottom of the homepage is also available. Visitors can then easily access information like the host bios and activities in this way.


Key features—

  • Well-known to the world, 2200+ downloads
  • The latest episode section is a unique feature
  • Widgetized are
  • Built-in multiple color palettes



Free version.


6. Gumbo

Gumbo is an excellent WordPress theme for podcasts. It boasts a cutting-edge layout with a fullscreen audio slider that allows viewers to jump to their preferred episodes.


Seriously Simple Podcasting and other well-known podcasting plugins are fully supported. Additionally, it is capable of supporting external embeds from any site, such as Soundcloud, YouTube, Vimeo, and others.


Additionally, Gumbo automatically creates RSS feeds so you can upload your podcast to iTunes. Several well-known podcasting services, including Google Podcasts.


Key features—

  • Automated RSS feeds
  • iTunes and Google Podcast fields are available
  • External embeds from Soundcloud, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.



Free version.


7. Megaphone

Megaphone is a potent WordPress podcasting theme. It enables direct audio file uploads to the website as well as embedding from well-known services like SoundCloud, Spotify, and Stitcher. Other noteworthy features include several subscription places throughout the website to help you expand your audience and automatic episode number detection. Popular podcasting plugins like Seriously Simple Podcasting, PowerPress, and Libsyn are also supported by this WordPress theme.


All audio content will be automatically detected by the theme and shown on the player. The always-visible audio player makes it possible for listeners to continue accessing your playlist as they browse the website. Also, The podcast episodes can also be categorized, which is a clever idea for podcast networks or programs with numerous seasons. Megaphone connects with well-liked co-author plugins to highlight co-hosts and guests in your episodes.


Key features—

  • More than 1500 downloads
  • Episode grouping section
  • Ablity to embed audio from various platforms for free
  • Very steady and sticky audio player



The pricing plan starts from $69.


8. Tracks

A free WordPress podcast theme is called Tracks. It has a sleek, minimalistic, dark look that makes it a fantastic choice for publishing both text and audio content. This WordPress theme is also compatible with Elementor, a drag-and-drop website builder, and Gutenberg, a well-liked built-in WordPress block editor. These connections make it simple to develop a design that fits your podcast’s brand and target audience.


The search bar, comment display controls, social media icons, premium layouts, and more are just a few of its important features. With the help of the live WordPress customizer, it is simple to use and administer. Additionally, it receives regular updates to provide a pleasant user experience at all times.


WooCommerce connection is now included with Tracks so that you may sell goods right on the podcast website.


Key features—

  • RSS feed available
  • Shows social media icons
  • Unlimited font selection



Free version available.


9. Soundbyte

Soundbyte is the podcast/audio version of the well-known WordPress theme Megabyte, which was created by the same company. It integrates all of Megabyte’s fantastic features as well as the tools you’ll need to show your podcasts on your website. The audio-enabled megamenu that plays a featured podcast episode right on the homepage is one of this theme’s best features.

The page designs of this premium podcasting WordPress theme include a variety of podcasting components, including audio players and episode cards.


The drag-and-drop page builder in the theme makes changing the website much easier because you can do so from the front end. There are an infinite number of colors available, and the fonts can be changed to meet the theme and color scheme of your company.


Additionally, Soundbyte has a premium slider that enables users to make slideshows on any website page. The menu, drop-down, and mega menus may all be accessed at any time thanks to additional features like a sticky header.


Soundbyte connects with WooCommerce if you want to sell goods on the website.


Key features—

  • Megamenus with audio support for instant podcast playback
  • Mobile and tablet devices that are responsive
  • A drag-and-drop page builder for no-code design
  • Premium slider and e-commerce support



Pricing starts from $59.

10. Ultra

Ultra is a multipurpose WordPress theme with a one-click installation and a ton of pre-made designs. Its robust page builder allows you to change any page or make your own designs.


It integrates with video players to enhance the appeal of your podcast. The theme also comes with a lovely music player that seamlessly matches your theme.


Your site will appear fantastic on all mobile devices thanks to Ultra’s responsive design and retina readiness.


Key features—

  • 1-click install facility
  • Built-in HD audio player
  • Powerful page-builder



A free version is available.





WordPress podcast themes will enable you to share the results of your labor on a website you’re happy with. With these themes, it’s simple to manage your seasons and shows, include bios for your hosts, remain in touch with your audience, and disseminate the most recent news about events and live concerts all in one place.


No matter your degree of web-building expertise, a podcast network would benefit greatly from using this theme because you can support and manage various broadcasts from a single page.  The podcasting themes on your WordPress website let you create nearly any appearance and design you desire thanks to a vast range of features, layouts, and customization choices. So that you can start sharing your content and creating enduring connections with your audience, download and install a podcasting theme right away.


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