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If you already run a hotel booking website and you have no end of trouble managing it, what you need is a booking system that offers customers to book online. Have you been using WordPress? Or, heard about it? If it’s a yes, we have some great news– below you’ll find some of the best WordPress hotel booking system plugins that can help you get out of trouble and make your management easier.

Starting a hotel booking website on WordPress can be done in one of two ways. The first choice is to pick a special WordPress theme designed specifically for hotel websites. The alternative is to use any WordPress theme you choose and a WordPress plugin to add booking features. We advise using a hotel booking plugin because it will enable you to change your theme whenever you like without having an impact on your reservation process.

Why need WordPress?

With free WordPress booking plugins, your reservation- and appointment-based enterprises are completely taken care of. Even if you may sign up with some of the top websites in the world to handle your booking and promotion, sometimes it’s wise to have it all in-house. It provides you with a lot more feasibility to interact with visitors of your website on a more personal level. Plus, you can keep track of the contact details of your clientele. Then, you may use a WordPress newsletter to be in touch with your clients and continue promoting facilities to them.

Why need a booking plugin?

If you are new to WordPress, you may be thinking, “What is a booking plugin?” — A booking plugin is a property of your website that allows users to easily schedule bookings directly from their website.

A booking plugin is very effective for local businesses. Arranging a call may be a hassle sometimes or you may not be available all the time, so it’s better if you go for a booking plugin system. It makes it simpler for you, the business owner, to avoid having to manually verify, with the use of a special tool, you can all change it.

The top hotel booking system plugins for WordPress are included in this article to assist you in quickly launching and running your hotel booking website. Choose the best WordPress plugin that will suit your website and boost it up. Keep scrolling to discover the top WordPress booking plugins if you want to develop and glam up your current websites.

Top 7 WordPress hotel booking system plugins for your website

Grow your business by choosing the best hotel booking system plugin for your website. We’ve listed the top 7 with a little description and key features for you —

(1) MotoPress Hotel Booking Plugin

The MotoPress hotel booking plugin is the ideal WordPress booking solution for owners of rental properties— an all-in-one WordPress plugin for easily managing an infinite number of bookings. This booking tool provides an online availability calendar, flexible booking guidelines, bespoke rates, seasonal rates, and flexible pricing with taxes and fees, etc. Also, you have the exceptional opportunity to sell extra services whenever you want on the website.

Another fantastic feature is the ability to instantly sync your direct website bookings with your rentals advertised on various OTAs. This can help you simply avoid overbooking.

The plug-in enables you to confirm your bookings either manually (via email) or by a payment method (such as PayPal, 2Checkout, Braintree, Stripe, Beanstream/Bambora, etc). A free version is also available for you to try out, but it has fewer options.

Key features—

  • Multiple booking systems for front-end visitors
  • Able to create custom fields search forms
  • Has mobile-friendly properties
  • Payment gateways and promotional coupons are available
  • Transparent pricing including taxes and fees
  • Paid integration with WooCommerce makes a great choice for WooCommerce owners


$99 (Single Site); $199 (Unlimited Sites)

(2) WP Booking System Plugin

WP Booking System is a booking calendar plugin for WordPress that allows you to create a schedule through calendars forms and make direct bookings fast. The plugin includes simple color coding for available and booked days and lets visitors make bookings on a per-day basis. An amazing advantage is– you’ll get a booking notification as soon as a user completes a booking request in your WordPress dashboard, where you can easily arrange and manage all of your reservations.

WP Booking System offers a premium edition with unlimited booking forms and calendars. The paid version has a multi-month display and full customization to make it more convenient and interesting to work with.

If you want to avoid wasting time manually installing a plugin, WP Booking System is an excellent option because you can download it directly from the admin dashboard.

Key features—

  • Available to download from the admin dashboard
  • Supports multi-language forms
  • Good choice for a beginner hotel website owner because of the low cost
  • Form fields with personalization and customization
  • Online and offline– both types of payment options are available
  • Multiple booking calendars can be added


The Lite version is free; the Premium version available for $49 (1 Website); $79/year (5 Websites); $159/year (Unlimited Websites)

(3) VikBooking Plugin

VikBooking is a strong WordPress plugin that offers a sophisticated booking system with real-time room availability. This plugin’s free version allows you to browse available room types, check an availability calendar, capacity, advanced payments and modify the rates. You can easily download the VikBooking plugin for hotel booking straight from the WordPress admin panel’s plugin library.

There is no need to manually upload the plugin’s files after downloading them. So this is a terrific option for you if you’d like to save some time. You may generate business reports as well as useful statistics, graphs, and PMS reports using the room booking plugin’s Pro edition.

Key features—

  • Can fix distinct pricing models: per day, per occupancy, and so on
  • Language translation options
  • Available on WordPress admin dashboard
  • Payment gateway and SMS notification facility
  • Front-end customization and booking


The Lite version is free; the Pro version is $49 with optional renewal.

(4) Booki Plugin

Booki Plugin–a nice premium booking form and calendar plugin for WordPress. This cutting-edge booking system automatically adjusts to the user’s time zone so they may view the inventory in real time.  From a visitor’s standpoint, Booki makes it simple to pick a vacation date, browse available properties, and pay via PayPal after receiving an invoice. You can make a booking right away with the option to pay later, add customized fields to the booking form, and distribute unique discount vouchers.

The plugin also comes with advanced admin statistics and 24 color themes (total bookings, the amount earned, discounts given, etc). Interestingly, the plugin is prepared for translation, so you may use the included .po file to adapt it to any language you require!

Key features—

  • Using a shortcode, you may include booking forms anywhere on your WordPress website
  • Integrated reporting dashboard with statistics
  • The translation is available; you can switch it to whatever language you require
  • Up-to-date admin stats (total bookings, amounts earned, discounts given, etc.)
  • Has a built-in dashboard with 24 color themes


No free version is available; the Premium version is $29 with auto/manual renewal.

(5) WP Booking Plugin

With adequate capabilities to handle hotel management websites on a somewhat smaller budget, WP Hotel Booking is a free WordPress hotel booking system plugin. You can define pricing schemes, handle customer communications, and manage room bookings using this plugin via any compatible device like mobile, tablet, or computer.

In addition to accepting offline payments, WP Hotel Booking interacts with three payment gateways: PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net. Add-on plugins are needed for Stripe and Authorize.Net to function, however, they are both free. Additionally, there are add-ons for WooCommerce connection, coupons, and block room booking.

Key features—

  • Standard currency type with coupon management
  • 4 payment entry points (Offline Payment,, Stripe)
  • Provides a room gallery and a price list on your hotel’s online platform so that guests are satisfied
  • Checkout, shopping cart, and other personalized hotel pages
  • Extra package advancements


With all the above features and benefits, It’s Free!

(6) HBook Hotel Plugin

Another excellent WordPress hotel booking plugin is HBook. It is a flexible plugin for a hotel booking system that can manage the entire hotel room reservation process. For a faster approach, this plugin includes a calendar system. You can use PayPal to accept payments.

Your booking form blends in perfectly with the rest of your website’s design thanks to its compatibility with your theme. You have extra opportunities to convert consumers by putting forms and calendars wherever on your website thanks to its shortcodes.

Key features—

  • Custom fields on the booking form are editable
  • Discounts and coupons are offered to advertise properties
  • Able to establish fees automatically for each booking
  • Can provide consumers with extra services for a fee
  • A well-known plugin with a long history of use and many positive reviews


Available for $65 which is a one-time fee.

(7) Booking Calendar Plugin

One of the most widely used hotel booking plugins is the Booking Calendar Plugin, which is free to download for WordPress. Booking hotels on WordPress is simple with the help of this plugin. It has several excellent features that you will undoubtedly find handy for a free plugin.

Sending automatically produced email notifications is a crucial function of this plugin. The calendar can be personalized with specific booking fields so that visitors can choose days from the calendar’s list. A unique tool can be used to open a window ahead of time, allowing you to take several double bookings at once, and close it after the window has passed.

Key features—

  • Options for excluding specific times and dates from your calendar
  • Although custom colors are an option, using your CSS allows for the greatest styles
  • Multiple languages are supported for international guests
  • Works with widgets for convenient sidebar placement
  • Select time slots that are open (optional)


The lite version is free; the Pro version costs $47.40.

Final Thoughts

You may effectively handle your hotel booking websites using a plugin for hotel booking. Since your clients can book and maintain their bookings online, this kind of plugin can also help you give them a better overall experience. Customers will continue to book with you if you provide a better user experience on your website.

We appreciate you reading this article. We sincerely hope that was helpful. I’m hoping you’ve discovered a cutting-edge new plugin for your website. Also, we advise you to look at the top WordPress blogging themes. The best and most sophisticated hotel booking plugins for WordPress have been developed by us. Anyone who has a website can use these plugins.

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