Are you looking for the best tour operator software for your business? If the answer is yes, you’re just on the right track! In this article, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of the best free and paid web-based tour operator software providers. Also, we have listed down the top 10 tour operator software so that it can be easier for you to find which is going to be best for your visitors and your tour management business.

One of the most crucial choices you can make for your company is selecting the correct tour operator software. A user-friendly web interface and a strong booking management system are two of the main elements in generating profits and expanding your business because nowadays, more tourists and travel agencies tend to make real-time online reservations.

In case you are new to this or don’t have a clear motivation for tour operator software, let’s get a quick idea of what tour operator software is.

What is Tour Operator Software?

Tour operator software is used by tourism organizations that provide guided tours to manage customer information, tour information, and back-office tasks. This kind of software aids in the organization of tours by keeping track of the schedule, route, meals, staff duties, visitor activities, attendance, and other details. A map display and a mileage calculator are features of advanced solutions. Tour operators can use this kind of software to control costs, expenses, and income.

To make reservations easier, tour operator software connects with solutions for travel agencies and with booking websites. Although most solutions include back-office functions, connection with accounting and CRM programs is also available.

Top 10 tour operator software

Knowing the software’s features and the function it fulfills can help you make a wise choice. Within the travel industry, there are numerous tour operator software companies, most of which provide comparable functions.
Here are the top 10 tour operator software listed with key features and pricing so that you can make the best choice for your tour management business.

FareHarbor | Xola | Checkfront | TRYTN | Rezdy | Pacific | Travefy | Tourplan | TrekkSoft | Peek Pro

1) FareHarbor

Strong booking software created to assist tour, activity, and rental firms in managing and expanding their online reservations. FareHarbor is a complete business management platform for tour and activity companies that goes beyond reservations. Manage staff scheduling and inventories all from a single, intuitive dashboard. FareHarbor is the ideal fit for any business; thanks to its many adaptable features, sophisticated reporting capabilities, and helpful 24/7 support staff. Additionally, clients receive website optimization services, have access to hundreds of affiliates, ranging from local hotels to TripAdvisor, and receive personalized guidance to foster year-over-year development.

Key features—

Most affordable with no monthly or annual fees
Up-to-date resource tracking with allocation
A single interface, user-friendly dashboard providing calendar, and booking tools
Built-in Google Analytics e-commerce integration
Custom report filters to keep users on top of bookings, accounting, and operations
No contract or commitment, so you can stop using it anytime you want


No monthly or annual fee, just a payment processing fee of 1.9% + $0.30 per booking.


2) Xola

For tour operators and attractions, Xola is the only platform that unifies booking, sales, and marketing. It manages reservations with real-time availability from any location (online, over the phone, in person, or via a reseller), sells quickly on your website and the biggest online markets, and uses Google Analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. With a booking platform created especially for companies like yours, you can expand and manage your business as a recipient of Capterra’s Ease of Use award.

Key features—

Outstanding 24/7 customer service
Automated multi-user management
Unlimited SMS updates for customers
Conversion tracking from platforms like Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics e-commerce
Offers coupons and review options


Free subscription with 8%/booking cost; yearly plan starting with $199 with no fee per booking. Additionally, rates for credit cards are as low as 1.99%+30 cents.

3) Checkfront

A web-based reservation system called Checkfront has a wide range of capabilities, including an efficient administration system for bookings made over the phone and in person. The Checkfront customer management solution may offer gift certificates, facilitate promotions, send automated emails, and sign electronic documents.

Key features—

Simple pricing, no hidden fees
Uses marketing tools like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords
Customizable and standardized analytic reports
Membership and payment models are limited
Offers booking channels like Expedia and Tripadvisor; payment methods like Stripe and QuickBooks


Apart from the 21-day free trial version, Pricing begins at $42/month. Support for other currencies. 15% off for yearly/premium plans.



TRYTN is a standardized online booking platform for tour management companies. The setup process only takes a few minutes thanks to the user-friendly UI. By using TRYTN’s discounted web development and marketing services, businesses enhance their direct sales while cutting expenditures. TRYTN partners have the resources they need to thrive in the very competitive activities sector; thanks to its streamlined web presence and dependable software system.

Key features—

Separate confirmation code for each booking
Have performance tracking with strong analytics
Multi-user permission to log in
Automated emails and reminders


The free version is available; there is no correct information provided by TRYTN about the paid version.

5) Rezdy

Rezdy; in business since 2011; is sometimes considered the top online booking and distribution platform around the globe. It’s been currently used in more than 130 countries. Rezdy offers the most innovative Channel Manager distribution platform, with award-winning connectivity to significant online travel agencies and thousands of additional resellers locally and abroad, in addition to its highly regarded booking software. Any suppliers, regardless of their booking software or the size of their organization, have access to Rezdy Channel Manager and the largest network of resellers in the industry. Rezdy is the place to go if you want to save time, increase the number of online reservations, and eventually expand your business.

Key features—

Automatic customer follow-ups
Has an easy-to-use customer database and advanced reporting tools
E-payment gateway approval and voucher offers
All channel management with a single API
Allows to add an offline booking to the system


Offers a 21-day free trial. After the trial period, pricing plans range from $49 to $249 per month + booking fees.

6) Pacific

Pacific is a flexible tour reservation system for all sizes and types of tour operator businesses. Whether incoming or outgoing, classic, cruise, flight, or other airline or theme park, the solution offers a variety of features that constantly support the complete workflow. The program is flexible and can be coupled in different ways. Pacific optimizes the quality of the data in every booking, shortens the reservation process, and boosts internal productivity with its simple-to-use guided processes.

Key features—

Optimized social media integration and ads marketing
Active vendor and website management
Central reservation system within a single dashboard
Up-to-date reporting and statistics
GDS/OTA integration availability


Pacific has not provided pricing information yet; only a free trial is available.

7) Travefy

For travel brokers and tour operators who offer packages of experiences, Travefy is a platform for developing itineraries and trip plans. Professionals in the travel business can use a powerful web-based customer management solution with Travefy. With this approach, tourists can easily plan their excursions; thanks to stylish, adaptable software that is geared toward them.

Key features—

Offers a robust, web-based customer management system
Enables travel agents to submit proposals and manage client preferences
Can create customized content and access travel guides
Automated itineraries updates
Software integration with various cruise and airline systems


Offers a 10-day free trial; then has a $39 monthly fee. When you prepay for a year, Travefy is available for $31 each month.

8) Tourplan

The best tour operator software with the most market reach is Tourplan. This honor-winning system provides a wide range of capabilities, from quote-sending services to channel integration. Using Tourplan’s capability, your company may create website integrations, implement intricate limits, and offer goods in a variety of currencies. In comparison to other tour operator software, Tourplan wins the race of providing maximum comfort to services.

Key features—

A dedicated global supporting team is available 24/7
Accessible through mobile/desktop app or web browser
Dynamic packaging and operational systems
Active supplier and channel manager connectivity
Timely reminders and scheduled follow-ups


Tourplan doesn’t offer a free trial, but you can explore through it. Pricing schemes start at roughly $5000.

9) TrekkSoft

For tour operators of all sizes, TrekkSoft offers a cloud-based solution for booking tours and activities. It provides tools to assist users in managing online reservations, payments, marketing, and other tasks. For iOS and Android devices, mobile apps are accessible.
The TrekkSoft website builder allows users to construct customized websites where customers can examine activities and tour packages, book tours, and submit payments in addition to managing reservations, tour schedules, and payments. Users can track inventories, verify the availability of local guides, and reserve their calendars using the resource management function.

Key features—

Central reservation system with customer support
Accessible from iOS and Androids
Advanced promotion management on social media
Updated resource management with quick reservation


Only a free version is available, but you can have the pricing information provided by many vendors and buy extra facilities from them.

10) Peek Pro

With the help of the online reservation system Peek Pro, activity providers may boost their profits, save a ton of time, and give their customers the best possible service. Its back-office system’s user-friendly layout and industry-leading mobile apps impress operators. The widgets are adaptable and seamlessly integrate into a company’s website, and every stage of the customer-facing booking process is tailored to increase conversions and online income. To manage reservations, sign waivers, and collect payments while on the go, Peek Pro’s back end integrates with the top mobile apps on the market.

Key features—

Tier-based access for guides and agents with automated emails
Powerful reporting, easy access to client manifests
QR code scanning facility
Live bookings through the Facebook business page
No-cost waivers, gift certificates, and coupons


Peek Pro has only a free version, they haven’t provided any pricing criteria yet. You can have the pricing information from various vendors, which is the vendor’s own pricing system.


Now you are ready to run your tour business more efficiently because you know what features you need or want on your business plan. Whether you decide to start off big or little, a tour operator software for your website can be a game changer. Opt for a software vendor that actually specializes in meeting your client’s demands rather than the most convenient option.

If you are prepared to expand your company, you should concentrate on writing a tour operator business plan because it can aid in your growth and success. By simplifying information, creating a user-friendly interface, and offering top-notch customer service, you can expand your ability to connect with more potential clients.

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