Small Hotel Booking Software

Small hotel booking software online can be a game-runner in the hotel business. In case you are looking for small hotel booking software, that means you’ve already chosen to quit dealing with your property by manual means. Also, you can grow your business faster with easy handling and organized frameworks through direct bookings and messages!

A hotel booking software is a virtual platform that permits guests to make secure bookings easily. Online booking software is effectively the most ideal way to increase direct reservations through websites, links to social media pages, or meta-search options like Google.

In this article, we’ll go through the qualities and benefits of online booking software for small hotels to make your life somewhat more comfortable. So if you desire to be more productive, customized, and beneficial — and figure out which small hotel booking software is best for your business — go ahead and continue reading!

How does a small hotel booking software function?

A small hotel booking software successfully and effectively optimizes the booking system by coordinating with your hotel’s website and software, permitting visitors to book rapidly and easily without going to another entry. The channel supervisor can be connected with the booking system, permitting hotels to pass on their availability information right away to the agents, both online and offline.

This type of small hotel booking system is expected for expansive plans and further developed room accessibility. It is a significant tool for creating reservations and fulfilling guest expectations prompting more client maintenance and income.

These small hotel booking software allow visitors to book their hotel rooms by means of online booking systems and software. It makes the booking system go all the more easily and permits you to easily enter information into the system. Besides, consistent matching up all through your framework and channels gives you a benefit over your rivals and lifts effectiveness.

Usually, while looking for a small hotel booking software you should keep in mind these points:

  • Features
  • Cost
  • Functionality
  • Training and support
  • Integration power
  • User experience and design
  • Overall brand reputation

What features should a small hotel booking software have?

The remainder of the fight is picking the ideal choice for your hotel property. Making a wise choice can help your business by lessening costs and expanding benefits. The cost is a major factor, especially for small hotels.

There are various features to consider while choosing the best small hotel booking software, including basic highlights and functionalities, the different providers available in your market, what you desire to reach with the software, and the quality-to-cost ratio.

Here are some features you don’t want to miss to have in booking software:

  • The first need will be the capacity to manage direct bookings through your software or website and other metasearch websites. The software should control the guest relationship with pre and post-stay messaging services and instant replies. Dealing with numerous entries at the same time can be troublesome and have a more noteworthy possibility of blunders.
  • Driving last-minute and time-to-time bookings with a prominent promotion display.
  • Software should offer an adjustable and feasible calendar schedule to guarantee visitors can go through availability.
  • Having the flexibility to contact guests through the booking process by showing offers, selling room sorts, and coordinating transactions. It also supports multi-language and multi-currency transactions to attract travelers all over the world.
  • Able to provide a flawless checkout experience and flexible payment solutions.
  • Empowers upselling through additional items, upgrades, and add-ons.

This is certainly not a whole rundown of highlights, we will further go through different benefits in the remainder of the article yet you can be guaranteed that you are on the right track if your software already has most of them.

Top 5 small hotel booking software

Tracking down the right booking software for your small hotel is a critical task for hotel proficiency because you have many factors to consider. There are a few incredible choices for small hotel booking software. We’ve cut them down to the top five— Go through them only by one so that you can make a decision wisely while choosing the best small hotel booking software for your hotel business.

Underneath, you’ll find the top 5 small hotel booking software that is revolutionizing the hotel business—


Hotelogix is preferred in more than 100 countries around the world. Having a single cloud-based platform, it forms a single-point dashboard and a multi-device booking system. It also contains modern logical and analytical tools. For small-scale hoteliers, Hotelogix is a wise choice as it provides a front page surface to follow reservations, registrations, and staff obligations, which helps in bookkeeping and booking data for constant administration.

Key features–

  • Controlled and centralized managing system
  • In-built report formats
  • Online booking engine with automation system

Easy InnKeeping

Easy Innkeeping is a popular, also unique reservations program that likewise covers some of the PMS problems. Its web-based booking engine coordinates with your small hotel booking site, permitting you to deal with your reservation needs, channel management systems, and digital marketing platform within just one place.

Key features–

  • System-dealing with credit cards
  • Email marketing tools and CRM module
  • Advance and premium user availability with additional features


Cloudbeds is a small hotel booking software that is developed to make tasks easier through its upgraded managing suite that includes reservations, room bookings, housekeeping, and accounting tools 24/7. To sweeten the deal even further, the software works flawlessly with top travel sites like TripAdvisor and Expedia. Also, it’s been a top choice among this type of software

Key features–

  • Offers 24/7 flexible support to hospitality consultants
  • Centralized system with native channel manager
  • One-click check-in and out advantages

eZee Absolute

eZee Absolute is a small hotel booking software whose objective is to assist your small hotel with different automatic solutions for your tasks. What’s more, their product includes a chatbot to assist visitors as they offer online booking as well as allow them to go through the key properties. There is also a prebuilt point-of-sale system that can be used as vouchers or coupons at the hotel’s restaurant or bar.

Key features–

  • Booking engine, features, and guests are allowed in a single system
  • Adaptable point-of-sale (POS) system intended for in-house bars or restaurant
  • Sensitive information managing access for guest customization

Little Hotelier

A complete cloud-based software, created with all-in-one solutions for small hotels and B&Bs

Intended to deal with both global and homegrown guests with portable mobile apps and websites. Little Hotelier allows your management system to act smart by competitive costs, takes electronic installments, and deals with your schedule and online bookings. Additionally, it offers email, telephone, and talk support, instructional exercise online classes, and live assistance on the web.

Key features–

  • Provides easy mobile apps access
  • Complete tutorials and webinars for newbs and first-time guests
  • Easily accessible from any region of the world


If you are in the race for small hotel booking businesses, choosing the right system that fits your hotel is a very decisive task. Choose software that fulfills your small hotel’s needs and features your unique ideas about your hotel business. Never forget to evaluate the usability of your small hotel booking software so that no matter where you are, you can access the cloud, be cost-effective and you can focus on making the most direct bookings possible.




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