8 Best CRM & Project Management PHP Scripts


Warm regard folks! As we all know already, Customer relationship management is a method for managing customer relationships. It is only a method for establishing and enhancing relationships between customers and businesses. These methods are now being used by companies to attract and keep clients.

Any firm, whether it is a C2C, B2B, B2C, or other sort, strongly needs a CRM. As soon as you have more clients and agents, your subscription costs will increase as well. So, there must be a substitute for it. Does any CRM Exist that is affordable to use?   There are, and we’ll talk about 8 best CRM & project management PHP scripts in this short article.

What Are PHP CRM Scripts?

PHP CRM Script is a feasible CRM system that is built on the open-source programming languages PHP and MySQL. They enable admin to handle leads, customers, bills, estimates, budgets, expenses, goods, support tickets, and many other complex CRM capabilities.

You only can start to grasp your customer’s nature by learning more about them. Following that, customers are treated differently depending on their behavior. This will contribute to increasing customer satisfaction. If a company can effectively satisfy its clients, it will succeed.

Businesses and companies regularly employ a variety of CRM software just to implement customer relationship management tricks and techniques. This program gathers all necessary data from various clients. The gathered data is combined and kept in a single CRM database. Then, the owner properly utilizes these databases to collect information.

Why Use Open Source PHP CRM?

Particularly for the creation of online applications, PHP is by far the most widely used language worldwide. Open-Source PHP CRM provides true freedom to businesses to change and customize the CRM as per their needs. For any SaaS-based CRM solutions, it is almost impossible.

Enough of this chattering, let’s explain the 10 best CRM & project management PHP scripts now.





1.  Perfex: Powerful Open Source CRM

Perfex is the ideal solution to manage tasks and deliver bills from a single location. It is Self-hosted and extremely relay able. Customer relationship management super feasible software Perfex CRM is a wonderful fit for virtually any company, freelancer, business, or many other uses.

One of this CRM’s standout features is the ability to configure an automatic database backup every X days to prevent data loss. You can also enable encryption for your data. Perfex CRM’s contemporary and sleek style can both enhance business efficiency properly and make your business look more professional to clients.

Now let’s have a look at some features that Prefex provides :

  • Goals Tracking function to remember sales objectives.
  • aids in creating expert, attractive estimates and bills lead management tools
  • Staff permissions-based, beautiful calendars.
  • Make announcements to your customers and team.
  • With the effective theme styling function, customize the CRM to reflect your company’s branding.
  • Attractive proposals to Increase sales.
  • Additional functions include files, notes, reports, and follow-ups.


Customers must be the center of attention for CRMs, and Perfex CRM fulfills this with a strong support system that facilitates tracking and rapidly resolving concerns with customer reminders and an integrated ticket system. These features and others can boost consumer satisfaction to greater levels.

Let’s have a look at the dashboard. You can see projects in progress, on hold, or finished.

Numerous features in Perfex CRM were created to satisfy a variety of applications. Explore more about the features of Perfex CRM by reading the sections below and trying out the demo.


2.  RISE: Ultimate Project Manager & CRM


A smart piece of software can improve your team and customer satisfaction, boost your company potential, and save you time and money. RISE is fantastic at fulfilling all the needs. It has everything you need to properly run your business. No monthly charge.  Pay once, download the entire source code, and receive free upgrades for life!

Based on feedback from thousands of customers, RISE Project Manager & CRM  is updating frequently. As a result, Rise Company developed a software that is so attractive, user-friendly, simple to use, and flexible! You can install the complete source code on your server by downloading it.


Features :

  • There are no limits to the number of projects and tasks. You can allocate task to team members, track the time spent on each project and job, and pay your
  • You can get estimate requests from customers and clients by creating estimate request forms that correspond to your offerings.
  • Send attractive offers to your leads and clients to secure more business.
  • Know every client’s specific contacts, projects, bills, payments, estimates, estimate requests, support tickets, necessary files, events, and notes.
  • Clients can be contacted via chat and messages. Decide which team members are permitted to contact clients. Check your clients’ status online.
  • Obtain leads automatically from public estimate requests. Add notes, files, and events for simple lead to customer conversion using all the data already in place.
  • Allow your customers to submit support tickets and receive email and web-based alerts.
  • Make a list of your own events and invite team members and clients to them. Google Calendar integration keeps you up to date. Check out the dashboard for future events.
  • Change the design by adding your own CSS. To create your own, use different color patterns or replicate any color plate.

RISE is an extremely user-friendly piece of software that may boost team productivity and expand customer relationships. Numerous features and setting choices are available here for you. These features can be used to make Rise the ideal tool for your company. Test the demo attentively to find out about a ton of other features.


You can check the demo here

Now in number 3 of our  8 best CRM & project management PHP scripts, we will elaborate on Freelance manager now.


3.  Freelance Manager


Freelance Manager is a professional yet user-friendly project and client management tool is. It reached a higher level because of features like responsive layout, client management, workflow approval system, time-billing tool, and invoicing feature. It’s the ideal option for independent designers and developers. Additionally, project managers, consultants, and service providers benefit greatly from Freelance Manager.

Messaging System and staff Management system is one of the smart features of this CRM. Customers can message employees, giving the business a convenient way to monitor dialogue. For enhanced security, you have discretion over each employee’s permissions.



Features :

  • File Upload Tool – You can link uploads to a project submission.
  • Responsive Layout – The admin section and client area are both responsive
  • Feasible Invoicing
  • Integration of PayPal and Stripe as Payment Gateways
  • Event Calendar – Based on the current/selected month/year, the event calendar displays uncompleted projects, bills, and tasks.


Check out Freelance Manager CRM here –  Freelance Manager


4.  WORKSUITE – HR, CRM and Project Management

Worksuite wants just to be your one-stop shop for all of your business needs, handling and automating activities to free up your time for more important decisions.

The CRM also enables the management of leads and customers. You keep track of client projects, bills, and estimates and proposals. Employees from your firm can be added to track their attendance, manage their leaves, and access many more functions.

YT link   –    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yssxiVbknM

Features :

  • Kanban task board for task and work visualization.
  • Use electronic signatures to create contracts with clients.
  • Transform the invoices into redeemable credit
  • To plan the project timeline, use a project gantt chart.
  • accept payments through the Razorpay, Stripe, and PayPal gateways
  • Employees and customers can open tickets, which are then forwarded to ticket agents to be resolved.
  • numerous other customizable

WORKSUITE – HR, CRM and Project Management provides a free demo. Check this out – WORKSUITE Demo

At number 5 of our  8 best CRM & project management PHP scripts we have Ultimate SMS – Bulk SMS Application For Marketing.


5.  Ultimate SMS – Bulk SMS Application For Marketing


Ultimate SMS – Bulk SMS Application For Marketing is a comprehensive, adaptable, and user-friendly bulk SMS marketing application. besides, it offers an all-inclusive solution for SMS marketing. It is easy and simple to install and utilize.

Its campaign Builder, client Management, two way SMS, Building own API features will make your business simple.


Features :


  • Fraud-Prevention Message System –

The Anti-Fraud message is a mechanism for detecting fraud when spam or other illicit text is sent. When someone sends spam or illegal text messages, the administrator can receive an email and take action using a fully automated system.

  • Create Your Own API –

The best approach to incorporate SMS services into your software, website, and other panels is through SMS API integration. Advanced APIs and callable services provide you the ability to get creative with how you use

  • Unlimited management of roles –

You may handle permission with the aid of role management, allowing you to designate the resources that users of your application are permitted access to. By designating users to roles like manager, sales, member, and so forth, role management enables you to manage groups of users as a single entity.

  • Multilingual Assistance

Any language can be converted to Ultimate SMS. Simply type in your translation country name, submit your national flag, and then translate your value to You own. For that, you don’t need any programming experience.

  • Payment gateways

Most well-known payment gateways are included in Ultimate SMS. PayPal and Stripe both allow you to accept payments in several currencies. A manual payment gateway is available, and it may contain your bank account or anything else.

  • Open codebase

The developers who created Open Codebase Ultimate SMS were in mind. It’s clear and well-written. Anything can be changed to suit a person’s wants.

  • Auto Installer

With the Ultimate SMS auto-installer, installation of Ultimate SMS is simple. Just click the button and adhere to the directions.


After all,Ultimate SMS – Bulk SMS Application For Marketing is also a good php crm script to run your business properly. To check their demo once click on the link – Ultimate SMS – Bulk SMS Application For Marketing


6.  Geo POS – Point of Sale, Billing and Stock Manager Application


Just like the other trending CRMs competing on the market, GEO POS is also  a beautiful customer management tool . It supports all tax kinds, including GST, Exclusive, and Inclusive.


Geo POS – Point of Sale, Billing and Stock Manager Application has one extra ordinary feature that most of other PHP CRM Scripts doesn’t have. GEO POS supports 21 different languages . The software has a built-in REST API Driver, allowing you to connect it to other apps with little to no code as needed, depending on your needs. Some sample methodologies are also Included here.

Point of Sale, Quotations, Purchase Orders, Customer Management, Supplier Management, Project Management, Accounts, Invoicing, Data & Reports, Inventory Management, Employee Management, as well as various user roles, REST API, and CRON JOBS, are just a few of the features that the application offers.



Features :

  • Customer Service – Online recharging and customer wallet. Find a record of invoices for a particular customer. Income & costs broken down by client.
  • Multiple Stores – Create a number of stores under a single brand. A worker should be given Store.
  • Quotations – Email the quotes and the proposal. Create bills from quotes.
  • Inventory Control – Track Stock Value by Category. Purchase Product Serials. Control the product warehouses. Organize your products using the stock status. Auto-email notification of low stock. Variations in products, such as color and size.
  • Reports & Data – Receive company statistics, financial statements, income and expense reports, and sales and purchase tax statements.
  • Support System Based on Tickets – In his login, the customer can create tickets. Employees can respond and address issues.

Geo POS – Point of Sale create items that last a long time rather than just having flashy features to flaunt. Their author has research skills, and some of the research articles have been published in reputable international publications. updates are providing when it needs.

If you want to test the demo, click here : Geo POS – Point of Sale DEMO


7.  Ekushey Project Manager CRM

Ekushey is an effective PHP project management and customer management solution. You can easily and conveniently manage projects, team tasks, and client communications using this PHP CRM script.

Order Purchasing, Team Management, Customer Management, Project Management, Accounts, Invoicing are some of the spacial features of Ekushey. The application maintains all project records automatically, eliminating the need for human work implementation.


Ekushey’s effective project management with PROJECT ROOM is what makes it the most user-friendly project management system. offers user access permissions that can be customized, team tasks that can be integrated with client projects, an intuitive event calendar, extensive reports, a support ticket system, private chat, and many other features. Lets have a look on the services they provide.


Features :

  • Utility Sidebar
  • Manage client project
  • Staff Management System
  • Project Task Manager
  • Keep track of project expenses
  • Project Progress
  • Project File Management
  • Global Search
  • Project Time sheet
  • Team Task Management

  • Business Expense Manager
  • Email Template
  • Private Messaging
  • Quotation tracking
  • Project Internal Note
  • Ability to take payments with milestones


Ekushey can be your best option if you consider the pricing. It costs only a few dollars. See the pricing here – Ekushey Pricing .

8.  Grow CRM – Laravel Project Management

Grow is a project management tool with comprehensive client relationship management capabilities. Grow is an intuitive application that combines many of the many features you need. Tasks, bills, leads, estimates, and many more items are among them.

Grow CRM has given careful consideration to each design component. The end result is an application that, in our opinion, is very user-friendly. The application provides a single point of contact for project collaboration between you and your clients.

To complete the task, you are no longer required to employ several tools. You can manage your tasks with the assistance of the application’s highly sophisticated features. Utilize the project templates tool and the project cloning feature to make your life even simpler.


Features :

  • Project Management – project cloning feature and also the project templates feature makes your life easier.
  • Time Tracking – Keep track of the time you spend on your projects with the help of the CRM’s fully functional time tracking tool.
  • Invoices & Payments – You don’t need to use a third-party billing application. You can make bills using the CRM with a variety of choices, including time billing, product billing, task billing, etc.

  • Subscriptions – You can automatically bill your customers for your goods and services with this functionality.
  • Proposals – Initial impressions matter. Project proposals that are expertly written will dazzle potential clients.
  • Leads & Opportunities – Observe your opportunities, and work to convert leads into paying clients.
  • Workflow Automation – You can automate repetitive operations using project and estimate workflow automations.



So, these are the top 8 best CRM & project management PHP scripts . If you are willing to purchase any of these 8 best CRM & project management PHP scripts, All the essential links provided here on our article . Besides you can check other CRM PHP Scripts .


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