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What is CRM?

I guess you already know what exactly a CRM is. CRM stands for Customer Relation Management. CRM is a planned strategy for creating, managing, and keeping profitable relationships with clients.

Every encounter and communication we have with our customers and clients are tracked and examined using a system called customer relationship management (CRM).

Apparently, CRM gives a company a central pool, guaranteeing client contacts’ ease, security, and scalability.


Freshsale CRM

With all the capabilities you need to streamline sales operations, Freshsales is a fully-featured sales CRM platform. Their technology enables you to follow a consumer throughout their entire lifetime, from the time they first visit your website to the point at which they convert.

Additionally, Freshsales has a sophisticated AI that gives you a bird’s eye view of all active offers while emphasizing the ones that require your attention the most. You also receive quantifiable indicators that provide reliable information about the sales performance of your business.

Headquarters: San Mateo, California, USA

Initial Release: 2010

Operating System:  Web-Based, iOS, Windows, Android, Mac

Language Support: English

Companies Using Freshsales: Blue Nile, Dunzo, MTR, Sify, Cadence Health, PharmEasy.


  • Free Plan is Available,
  • 21-day free trial available for premium plans.
  • Growth Plan: $15/user per month.
  • Pro: $39/user per month
  • Enterprise: $69/user per month.

Major Features

  • Tracks Event
  • Automated and Personalized Emails.
  • Create custom reports
  • Built-in phone, chat, and email features.
  • Analyze dashboards, respond to leads, etc. via the Mobile app.


  • It is really simple to use. Setting up sales sequencing was a lovely and rather simple process.
  • Good gmail integration, simple setup, and a reasonable price. Once,on a Saturday, I contacted them for assistance, and someone answered and was really helpful.
  • You get access to almost all of the capability you would typically need to have a nice view thanks to the wide range of features.



  • The reporting process is poor. If it is not providing you the correct report, you cannot rely on it.
  • poor at interacting with others and attempting to solve issues.


HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is one of the well-known and most often utilized CRM platforms in the cutthroat industry of today. With its potent mechanism and powers, it has a significant influence on its clients. The majority of the clients are drawn to it since it is largely free.

In HubSpot’s straightforward platform, clients can get started right away without making many changes. The majority of the features of other CRMs present here, It is quick and easy to use. Without a doubt, HubSpot offers the greatest CRM integration environment, which is something that other CRM programs charge for. It is a strong and adaptable piece of software.

Head Quarters: Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Initial Release: June 2006.

Operating Systems:  Android, iPhone, Linux, Web-Based, Windows, Mac etc.

Language Support: English

Companies Using HUBSPOT: Vivo net, Wedo, Skyline, F1F9, Heritage, G2 Crowd, Vifx, WeedPro, Vipu, Track Light, Thunderbird Online, Trust Radius, Skyhook etc.


  • Has a free version with several features.
  • Starter: US $50
  • Basic: US $200
  • Professional: US $800
  • Enterprise: US $2400


Major Features

  • It allows you customisation, a task board and aids in coordinating the marketing staff.
  • It includes an excellent cell phone, integration for Mail and the Web.
  • It aids in pipeline management with complete visibility.
  • automatically keeps track of all activity and provides access to all contact information in one location.


  • It offers a fantastic function to find businesses.
  • Without interfering with the other tools, it keeps working in the background.
  • It includes all well-known Google functions, like calendar, drive, and Gmail.
  • You can view the client comments and it preserves all of the client information in one location.



  • You are unable to send emails simultaneously across various businesses using HubSpot.
  • Not all of the features are available in the free edition.
  • We have to manually update Sidekick for the current firms because it doesn’t auto-update.



Zoho CRM

Since its entrance to the market more than 15 years ago, Zoho, a well known relay-able CRM has served enterprise clients, SMBs, and a variety of companies. It is a cloud-based CRM system. It is a functional business platform that serves as more than simply a tool for managing leads or a sales pipeline.

More than 250,000 organizations in 180 countries rely on Zoho. It is the only vendor in the sector to enable mobile and interface with more than 500 well-known business applications while having over 40 internal business apps.


Head Quarters: Austin

Developed by: Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas.

Initial Release: 1996

Operating Systems: Linux,Web-Based, Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone etc.

Language : Supports 28 languages.

English (US), English (UK), Hebrew,Portuguese (Brazil), French, Chinese (China), German, Spanish, Hindi,   Japanese, Portuguese (Portugal), Bahasa Indonesian, Russian, Danish,Hungarian, Swedish, Bulgarian, Chinese (Taiwan),  Dutch,Korean, Polish, Arabic, Italian, Croatian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Thai and Czech.

Clients: Netflix, Amazon, Hyatt, Tassal, Saint Gobain, Suzuki,Purolite, IIFL etc.


Price :

  • Free: 3 users max
  • Standard: $14
  • Professional: $23
  • Enterprise: $40
  • Ultimate: $52 which comes with Exclusive 30-day trial
  • Custom Quote: With enhanced security, onboarding, implementation, and training.


Major Features

  • To engage with customers across channels, you can use an omnichannel platform.
  • Zia, an AI-powered sales assistant, can anticipate sales results, spot anomalies, enhance data, determine the tone of emails, and suggest the optimum times to get in touch.
  • Tools for managing leads, contacts, deals, and accounts using workflows and macros in sales automation.

More Features

  • Using a mobile CRM app, you can capture information, plan projects, communicate with clients, and update data even when you’re not connected online.
  • Internal chat functionality, forums, notes, and groups are included to enable productive teamwork.
  • Advanced security features with user-customizable access, including encryption, audit logs, IP restrictions, and two-factor authentication.


  • quick and simple onboarding. You can quickly import all of your current sales data into Zoho CRM using their migration technology, Zwitch.
  • To keep ahead of the competition and in contact with your clients wherever you are, use a mobile CRM app.
  • You may pay monthly or annually for exactly the services you actually need thanks to flexible contracts and pricing. No extra fees.



  • Three users are allowed in the free edition.
  • does not provide solutions for on-premises.
  • Free help is only available 24/7.


Monday CRM


Monday.com can handle client information, interactions, and procedures. All of the data will be safeguarded. You’ll be able to collect leads online using a built-in contact form. Additionally, leads that were automatically collected on other forms can be entered. You may import the leads from other tools into Monday.com.

You can quickly see where each customer is, in the sales process by looking at a sales pipeline. This data helps in your decision-making as to the next actions to seal the deal. If you are on pace to meet your sales goals for the week or month, your pipeline will just let you know. This way Monday CRM has a beautiful pipeline where you can manage all your data.

Headquarters: Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Initial Release: 2010

Operating Systems: Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone/iPad.

Companies that Use Monday.com: Discovery Channel, Wix.com, WeWork, Philips, Carlsberg etc.


Major Features

  • Advance-level Account Permissions
  • Every month it helps to allow automation of 100000 actions
  • It has an Audit log.
  • Session Management
  • HIPAA Compliance

More Features

  • You can create and modify the dashboard using this CRM software to meet your needs for gathering insights.
  • Clear overviews of performance, sales, procedures etc. will be provided.
  • You’ll be able to automate repetitive tasks.
  • It provides tools for automatically assigning new projects to colleagues and setting up reminders and due date alerts.

Price :

  • There are four pricing tiers available on Monday.com:
  • Basic ($17/month),
  • Standard ($26/month),
  • Pro ($39/month), and
  • Enterprise (Get a quote).
  • These costs are for two users and apply to annual billing. The product is available for a free trial.



  • Monday.com, an all-inclusive and user-friendly option is
  • It includes sophisticated search features.
  • It is adaptable to your sales workflow.
  • Additionally, it can include capabilities like time monitoring, chart viewing, and private boards.



  • There is no free plan offered by Monday.com.
  • It’s challenging to switch between the project’s points of view.


Zendesk CRM

Sales CRM program Zendesk is intended to make the duties of salespeople in any firm 10 times simpler. This integrated application streamlines daily sales duties, measures conversions, enables performance visibility, and enhances sales pipeline management with the key objectives of deal close and customer happiness.


Headquarters: San Francisco, USA

Initial Release: 2018

Operating Systems: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS

Language Support: 30 languages including English supported

Companies using Zendesk CRM:  Shopify, Intermind, Mailchimp, Instacart, Staples.


  • Zendesk comes with three pricing plans.
  • The Sell Team plan will cost $19 for 1 user per month.
  • Sell Professional plan will cost $49 for 1 user per month and
  • Sell Enterprise plan will cost $99 for 1 user per month.
  • Luckily, a 14-day free trial is also available.


Major Features

  • Native Dialer
  • Sales spectating
  • Sales Reporting and Analytics
  • Seamless Integrations and API
  • Intelligence on Sales Email

More Features

Calls will be started with simply one click. Record and log all incoming and outgoing calls right away.

All emails pertaining to contacts should be entered into Sell right away. Every time a prospect reads or clicks on an email, you may receive push alerts in real-time.

All tools and programs that your company now uses should be connected to Zendesk.

Analytical dashboards and reports with stunning visuals.


  • Sequence emails and actions to automatically engage leads.
  • One dashboard for managing and observing all sales-related tasks.
  • Several email templates to aid in the creation and storage of sales emails.
  • CRM for sales on mobile devices.
  • Strong customer service.



  • No free plan.



However, after reviewing the 5 best CRM of 2022 we can say, not all CRM systems satisfy every company’s demand. Therefore it’s crucial to research the market and test recent entries like Hubspot CRM or Zendesk Sell. The correct amount of innovation may be added by new solutions to grab an SMB’s attention. The ideal CRM system for a firm will ultimately depend on how well a company balances its needs, the size and breadth of its sales staff, and how it interacts with its clients.

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